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Chapter 8

Table of Contents

* * *

The spring season passed quite happily for Thorne. Kaven had returned from his meeting, the morning he'd gotten back, with a healer in tow, who'd taken a careful look at Thorne's arm, then given him a strange looking contraption to wear for a few days.

"It'll put the bone in traction," she said, "and loosen up the ligaments a little. That should help the pain in your hand, which is just a reaction to the rest of your arm tightening to protect the break."

She'd also given him a small ball filled with some sort of grain to squeeze a few times a day--to "build up his strength," she said. That, plus the topical treatment Kaven helped him massage into the muscle every night, had helped a lot, and in a few weeks Thorne's injury no longer troubled him at all, save the occasional twinge when it got wet or chilly.

He'd also been moved into the rooms adjacent to Kaven's. His own rooms by the lower gardens had been filled with a new member to Ipson's council, and it was Kaven who'd suggested Thorne reside closer to him. Technically, Thorne's new rooms were still part of the Prince's suite, but Kaven insisted he never used them.

"They gave me way more space than I can actually use," he said, when Thorne had looked ready to protest. "And it'll be nice having you so close. I can make you perform whenever I want."

"You could've done that anyway," Thorne pointed out, and Kaven had waved his hand, tipping his nose snobbishly into the air and telling the 'farmboy' not to argue with the prince. Thorne had laughed, and acquiesced, secretly thrilled that he'd get to stay so close to his friend. More often than not they stayed up late, leaning against the balcony wall and looking up at the stars, or down into the gardens, and just talking.

And, over time, the fact that they hadn't known one another well was remedied. Kaven told Thorne about his mother, and her clan, and about growing up in the palace; Thorne, in turn, related stories about his own childhood, some meant to make the prince laugh, and some to give him an insight into the typical life of the farmers of Ophidia. Kaven had listened to all with equal interest, and he would frequently get that distant look of concentration that told Thorne he was planning something--something that would doubtless eventually equal good for the people of the realm. Thorne would smile, secretly, and thank the Lady for bringing Kaven into the palace--for in truth, nothing better could have happened for the peoples of the kingdom than Kaven's ascension to the throne.

And Kaven was proving himself not only a great prince, but a wonderful friend, and one who enjoyed planning surprises. Three weeks after he'd returned, Kaven called Thorne into his chambers and presented him with a wrapped bundle that turned out to be his lyre, completely repaired and restrung, and polished to gleaming with some sort of protective lacquer.

Thorne had accepted her, running his hands over her underbelly in astonishment. The crack, which had run from the base partway up the left arm of the instrument, was virtually invisible. "Wh--how...?"

"I took her to the palace's carpenter two days after you got back," Kaven said, squirming a little like an excited child. "He's been working since then. What do you think?"

Thorne had struck one of the strings, thrilled when his lady sang out as sweetly as she ever had, and threw his arms around Kaven's neck, hugging him tightly. "Thank you," he whispered, grinning. "Thank you so much!"

"Hey, don't get all mushy on me," Kaven warned. "I wasn't exactly being selfless. For my bard to be in top condition, his lady has to be too."

Thorne just laughed, and shook his head, already mentally composing a ballad about the fallen lady and the prince who rescued and restored her.

A few weeks after he returned, he received a long letter from Ilyria, apologizing profusely for her behavior; unable to hold a grudge, he'd written back, promising he'd forgiven her, and promising to visit at the next harvest. He'd then received word that Merric's wife was pregnant, and from the size of her belly they suspected twins; he'd raced into Kaven's chambers to pass along the good news, and Kaven had insisted they would travel as soon as the planting season ended and Thorne's family had time to visit.

All in all, Thorne couldn't have been happier. But getting to know Kaven had its downsides: as the weeks passed, his crush faded some, but he realized after a time something new and deeper began to grow in its place. About two months after his return to the palace, Thorne realized he was falling in love.

And he wondered, with growing frequency, if Kaven might be feeling the same. The other naga spent as much time with Thorne as his duties allowed, and there were moments...a lingering touch, a surreptitious glance, laughing just a little too long at one of Thorne's jokes...it could have easily been his imagination, or perhaps wishful thinking, but Thorne couldn't help but hope that Kaven was beginning to fall for him, too.

In fact, things would have been perfect, if it hadn't been for the growing murmurings of centaur armies mounting to the north. A few of the camps had seen some aggressions, though the scouts never crossed Ophidian borders, and the king and general Othalion called Kaven to more and more of the meetings that he normally would not have had to attend, to keep all eyes on the growing problem. Kaven had been pressing his father and future father-in-law to reopen diplomatic channels, but Ipson was resolute, and as time passed, Kaven returned from his meetings seeming more and more distracted--and more and more worried.

It was during those times Thorne would do his best to be whatever Kaven needed him to be. If he could sense the prince needed a distraction, he would tell him some frivolous tale or relay some amusing prank he and Tash had pulled; if he needed to vent, Thorne would be a willing and alert sounding board. If he just needed to be left alone, Thorne would wander into the lower gardens, and position himself carefully beneath the balcony and play soothing melodies on his lyre until Kaven came out to join him, usually looking cheered. And if he just needed someone to talk to, Thorne would settle in next to him, maybe slip an arm around his waist, and listen silently.

One afternoon in late spring, Thorne was sitting in the blooming gardens, tuning his lyre and practicing a new song he'd learned on his last trip to the markets, when Kaven suddenly appeared, looking stricken. "It's over," the prince whispered.

Thorne didn't have to ask what, as the melody broke off in a jangle of discordant notes. "War?" he asked, swallowing hard, thinking of the soldiers he knew, the common naga who would likely be called to fight. Merric, Jarrem... "There's truly no other way?"

Kaven hissed, whipping his tail around with a ferocity that startled Thorne and slamming it against the ground. "There are plenty of other ways," he spat, furious. "But my father is an idiot, and will listen to none of them."

Thorne set his lyre aside, realizing he was tightening his grip on the wood. "The centaurs aren't unreasonable, I don't see why he won't...but we've had this discussion before. What happens now?"

Kaven shook his head slowly. "I am to go to Itharia," he murmured. "And help train the new recruits. Then, when we...when we've amassed the armies..." he shook his head again. "Then we invade Equestria."

"We're invading?" Thorne hissed himself. "Has he lost his fucking mind?"

Kaven laughed, and it was a terrible sound, high-pitched and hopeless. "Yes," he said, shrugging helplessly. "Yes, he has."

"They're bigger than we are, most of them are better equipped...we're going to be fucking slaughtered, invading. I wouldn't argue strengthening the borders, and we could hold them off on our own territory, but..." Thorne shook his head. He knew Kaven knew everything he was saying--had told him most of it--but he simply couldn't believe it. Invade Equestria...it was pure madness. "There's no way to stop it though. I know you've tried everything..."

Kaven suddenly looked at him, eyes intent, and the faraway expression Thorne had grown to know so well suddenly on his face. "Maybe...maybe there is," he said slowly.

"What?" Thorne asked, surprised, but hopeful. Kaven's ideas usually worked, and worked well, but he couldn't think how they could avoid a war the king and general were set on.

Kaven stared at him a moment longer, then said, "You said it yourself: the centaurs aren't unreasonable," he replied. "If Ipson isn't willing to go the diplomatic route, who's to say I can't?"

Thorne's eyes widened. "You're insane. But...it might work. The king would have to back you up once it was done, he couldn't risk going back on a peace treaty signed by his heir, it'd make enemies of all our neighbors..."

"Exactly," Kaven said, and a slightly unnerving grin spread across his face. Then, catching sight of Thorne again, he slid forward, face sobering immediately, and took his shoulders in his hands. "Listen," he said intently, "I need you to promise me you won't tell them where I'm going. If they get word of this before I'm over the border, it could mean the end of everything--they'll do something rash, like attack before our troops are even trained. Promise me, Thorne."

Thorne stared at him. "Like hell...I'm going with you. You need at least the appearance of an entourage, or they'll know it's not official. We were going to visit my family anyway...It's right on the border, and we can slip over with no one knowing."

Kaven shook his head. "No," he said softly. "You're not trained for combat, Thorne. I am. And I won't be going alone. I can recruit a few of the soldiers--there are a few I know will be loyal to me. And you can go with us as far as your family's farm, but after that..." he shook his head. "The King can't know were I am," he said, "so I'm going to have to travel through Equestria without announcing myself, until I reach the capital, and the palace. We'll be traveling unprotected through enemy territory. It's too dangerous, Thorne. You're not going."

"But..." Thorne clenched his jaw. "I can fight, you know. Karesh taught me, and I've kept myself in shape. And I'm a good shot, with a sling."

Kaven smiled, a little sadly. "I know," he said. "But you're not trained for the types of conditions we'll be traveling in, or for stealth, and..." he shook his head. "And I can't risk it, Thorne. I won't. I already lost you once; I won't do it again."

Thorne crossed his arms, turning away. "I've hunted, often enough, I know how not to be seen. I wouldn't be a burden to you, Kaven, and I've probably slept rough more often than you have. If you want to test me, fine, but I don't see why I can't go with you. I could help..."

Kaven sighed. "That's not the problem, and you know it," he said, sounding frustrated.

Thorne scowled, turning back around. "Then what is the problem?"

"I..." Kaven trailed off, then shook his head, brows drawing together. "You know as well as I do this is crazy," he said. "The chances of it actually working are...well, they're slim, at best, and I won't see you get hurt because of me. Not again." He bit his lip, then slid closer, studying Thorne intently. "I couldn't bear it," he added, voice softer. "I really couldn't."

"And you think I could bear waiting in my father's house, not knowing if you were alive or dead?" Thorne asked, meeting his gaze with one just as intent.

"At least you'd be safe," Kaven insisted, frowning. "Listen, Thorne, I appreciate your concern, but it doesn't really matter what you say. I'm not letting you go."

"Not letting me go?" Thorne lifted his eyebrows, folding his arms across his chest. "What are you going to do, your highness? Order me to stay behind?"

"If you won't listen to reason, then yes!" Kaven snapped, glowering at him.

"And what makes you think I'll listen? That I won't follow you?" Thorne snapped back. "You're going to have to lock me up to stop me, and someone's sure to notice that!"

"Thorne, please," Kaven said, and the anger melted away, leaving the prince looking frightened. He slid forward, and took Thorne's shoulders in his hands. "Please, I'm begging you--don't do this. I couldn't bear it if something happened to you, I really couldn't, and I..."

"I couldn't bear anything happening to you, either," Thorne replied, trying not to give in at the look on Kaven's face. "If I wasn't qualified, if I'd put you in danger...I'd stay. But I think I am, and I won't stay behind where I can't keep an eye on you." He sighed, shaking his head slightly. "Don't think I mean more to you than you do to me. It's at least equal."

"I don't think so," Kaven said softly, looking down.

Thorne's lips twitched. "I do. Kaven, I...just trust me, all right?"

Kaven closed his eyes. "I do trust you," he murmured, then slumped, looking defeated. He brought one hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose. "Thorne, I can't do it. I can't let you go."

Thorne bit his lip. "Yes, you ca--"

"No, I really can't," Kaven snapped, looking up, and the glower was on his face again. "And would you like to know why, farmboy?"

"Why?" Thorne asked, not daring to hope, and at the same time wishing he could've found out in any of a thousand different ways.

Kaven glowered at him. "Because I love you," he hissed. "There. Happy? I love you, and I won't see you hurt." He shook his head, turning away, wrapping his arms around himself. "So now you know," he said. "You can leave. I told you I wouldn't hold you bound, and I don't. I release you. Go, go home, get married. Have your younglings, and pray to the Lady I can stop the war so they can grow up safely, and just...just go." His voice had trailed off to a pained whisper, and he kept his head bowed, his long hair that had come loose from its coil as he'd paced restlessly falling to curtain his face.

"No," Thorne said, his voice trembling softly, an ache filling his heart in place of the joy he'd always expected to feel, if this impossible dream would come to pass. "No, I won't leave. I love you, too. Lady, who did you think Ilyria and I were talking about? Why do you think I can't let you go without me?"

For a very long moment, Kaven didn't move. Then, softly, he murmured, "Don't say this because you think I want to hear it, farmboy."

"When have I ever lied to you, princeling?" Thorne asked, shaking his head. "It's why Ilyria thought I was miserable. Because I had a crush that I knew could never be returned. Then I got to know you and...well, the crush faded, but I fell in love. Do you know how hard it was, to push you away the night you kissed me? Lady, I wanted you so badly..."

Kaven lifted his head, turning to face Thorne slowly. His eyes were clouded, confusion and doubt swirling in their piercing blue depths, but beneath that, there was a tentative, heartbreaking hope. "You...really?" he whispered.

Thorne tugged him close and kissed him, hard and thorough, letting that be his answer.

Kaven stiffened for only a moment before relaxing, then surging into the kiss, arms going around Thorne and mouth pressing hard against his. When they finally broke away for air, Kaven's eyes were wide, disbelieving, but his lips were curved into a brilliant smile. "Really?" he whispered again. "Really?"

Thorne almost laughed. "Really, really," he replied, reaching up and linking his wrists around Kaven's neck. "I love you, Kaven. You...you really feel the same?" he asked, shyly, flushing softly.

Kaven laughed, blinking rapidly. "Yeah," he whispered, lifting one hand to brush the red hair from Thorne's brow. "Yeah, I really do. I love you. By the Lady..." he shook his head, face reflecting his disbelief. "I never thought..."

"Neither did I...I mean...you're a fucking prince!" Thorne replied, shaking his head, almost laughing. "I'm just a farmboy, lyre or no..."

Kaven bent forward and kissed him, deeply, cutting him off. "You're mine," he whispered, drawing far enough away to speak but keeping his mouth only a breath from Thorne's. "And I'm yours. No other labels matter, Thorne."

Thorne whimpered, softly, and wrapped himself around Kaven, trying to push himself higher, closer to the other naga, kissing him deeply, feeling their tongues slide against each other. "Oh..."

Kaven moaned softly in agreement, drawing Thorne closer into his arms, bending to press a kiss to his neck, then his shoulder, then simply holding him as tightly as he could.

"Maybe..." Thorne swallowed hard, wondering distantly if they'd keep arguing later, and thinking they probably would. "Maybe we should go inside? Or at least under the willow..."

Kaven drew away, considering, then grabbed Thorne's hand, nodding. "Willow," he said, drawing Thorne along with him as they hurried to the tree where Kaven had once surprised him, appearing from branches.

Once there, the prince drew him close again, kissing him deeply. "Thorne...I..."

"I've never done this before," Thorne heard himself blurt, interrupting whatever Kaven was going to say. "I've kissed a few lads and lasses, but nothing more..."

Kaven's gaze softened, and he smiled gently. "Don't worry," he murmured. "I'll take care of you."

Thorne's blush deepened, if anything. "I've just been waiting until I fell in love..."

Kaven's smile grew. "Then I will have to make certain not to disappoint you," he whispered, bending forward and pressing a soft kiss to Thorne's ear, tracing its outer curve with his tongue before reaching the tip and nipping it lightly.

Thorne groaned, pressing against him, feeling himself begin to harden. "I don't...don't see how you could..."

Kaven chuckled lightly, then wrapped his arms around Thorne, and coiled his tail up around him. Then, pressing him backward and using his tail to support the minstrel, he urged him gently down upon the grass, following so he was braced over the smaller naga. "Hello," he whispered, smiling tenderly down at him.

Thorne grinned up at him, resting his hands lightly on Kaven's shoulders. "Hi." He wound his tail around the prince's, until they were tangled together. "I can't believe this is really happening..."

Kaven's smile broadened, as he lowered himself down until he was braced on his elbows. "Me neither," he whispered, then leaned forward and pressed his mouth once more to Thorne's.

For a long time, they just kissed, learning the shape of each other's mouths, the reactions and noises a flick of the tongue could cause in the other. Thorne wriggled beneath Kaven, trying to press closer, groaning softly time and again. "Sweet Lady..."

"You doing all right?" Kaven murmured, reaching down between their tails and taking Thorne's cock, which had emerged from its sheath slick and hard, and stroking it gently.

"Oh fuck..." Thorne jerked under the touch, his tail instinctively tightening all around Kaven's. "Y-yes..."

Kaven smiled, shifting a little, and relaxing his muscles to open the slit between his underbelly scales, pressing the head of Thorne's cock up against it. "Take me," he whispered, smile taking on a lustful quality.

Thorne's eyes popped wide open, and he looked up at Kaven in surprise, even as his cock twitched hopefully. "Are...are you sure?" he asked, licking his lips and looking down at them, groaning again at the sight. Lady, he wanted to thrust up, to feel Kaven all around him, but...

Kaven grinned, eyes glinting, and lowered his head, whispering into Thorne's ear: "That's an order, farmboy."

Thorne gasped, and pressed upward, unable to stop himself at the note of command in Kaven's voice. And then he cried out, low and deep, as he felt Kaven sinking down in counterpoint, surrounding him in tight heat. "Oh Kaven..."

Kaven arched, head tilted back, hair falling in white sheets down his back and over his shoulders. He groaned softly, shifting his hips, moving them in the slightest of circles even as he tightened and relaxed his muscles, squeezing Thorne. "Ah...Thorne..."

Thorne's hands slid to Kaven's hips and he gasped, bucking up unconsciously when the other naga squeezed down around him again. "Lady, Sweet Lady, it's...don't stop..." His tail twisted around Kaven's again, seeking both purchase and more leverage as he sought to bury himself deeper.

Kaven looked down at him, lifting an eyebrow and grinning, eyes clouded with desire. "Didn't plan to," he whispered, then arched his hips up before thrusting back down, taking Thorne as deep as he could go.

"Fuck..." Thorne couldn't seem to make his mouth work, but his body writhed under Kaven's touch, pulling him closer, deeper, thrusting up into him as Kaven pressed down, each motion driving him closer to the edge. "Ka-Kaven..."

"It's all right," Kaven whispered, leaning down to sink his teeth gently into Thorne's shoulder before drawing back and suckling at the bite mark soothingly. "It's all right, Thorne, let go..."

Given permission, Thorne stopped holding himself back. It took only a few more undulating thrusts before he began to spill, crying out sharply as Kaven clamped down tightly around him. "Oh, oh, oh fuck..."

"Mmmmm," Kaven hummed, rocking a little, steadying the erratic motions of Thorne's hips as the smaller naga spasmed and sobbed. "That's it...good..."

Thorne gradually relaxed under Kaven, blinking up at him, too physically sated to blush at the look in those blue eyes. "Mmm...Worth waiting for..."

Kaven smiled, bending to kiss him deeply. "Glad to hear it," he murmured when he pulled away. His smile softened, as he studied Thorne's face, and Thorne felt himself squirming a little under the scrutiny.

"What?" he asked.

Kaven grinned. "You're so beautiful," he said. "Has anyone ever told you that?"

Thorne blinked at him, and shook his head, eyes wide. "No...no, never. I'm...I mean, you're beautiful, but I'm just...just me."

"You're perfect," Kaven countered, bending to kiss him again, slowly.

Thorne blushed, ducking his head slightly when Kaven pulled back again. "I like you," he said softly.

Kaven lifted his eyebrows, and chuckled softly. "Yes," he said slowly, "I gathered."

Thorne giggled. "I mean...I like the way you look. You're so...so different. Special. Half the village looks like me..."

Kaven shook his head. "No, they don't," he said. "Sure, some of them have your coloring, but no one has your eyes. Or your smile." He grinned. "Or that dimple..." he lifted one hand and placed the tip of his little finger against the corner of Thorne's mouth, into the small indent there.

Thorne blushed and his grin deepened without him meaning it to, making Kaven's finger sink deeper. "Oh. Well, when you put it that way...Lady, I love you."

Kaven's teasing smile faded just a little, softening into something far more tender. "I love you too," he said quietly.

Thorne tugged him down, kissing him softly, and for a very long time. And then he giggled, wrapping his arms and tail more firmly around Kaven before rolling them over, so he was on top. "You're not finished," he observed, wrapping his hand around Kaven's cock, smiling impishly.

Kaven sighed, blinking slowly as he shifted his hips and lifted himself up into Thorne's touch. "Mmm," he hummed, pleasure and contentment written across his face. "Ah...no, I'm not," he breathed. "You going to take care of me, farm-boy?"

Thorne nodded, grinning down at him, watching his hand move over Kaven's erection. "Mmm, yes. I plan to. But how best to go about it...?" Now that he was sated, Thorne found his ability to speak had returned unabated.

Kaven grinned back, stretching luxuriously. "I trust your creative prowess will not abandon you," he said, arching again and sighing at the movement on his cock.

Thorne giggled. "You're more playful than I expected," he said, stroking slowly, still watching his hand.

Kaven stilled beneath him, and Thorne looked up into his face, surprised when he saw the grin had faded some, and Kaven's expression had grown rather serious.

"I'm happy," the prince said simply, after a very long moment of silence.

Thorne leaned down, kissing Kaven softly, and for a very long time. "Good. I'd hate for you to be unhappy while I'm holding onto this..." He gave Kaven's cock a soft squeeze.

Kaven groaned softly, drawing in a sharp hiss of breath and arching slowly again. "You are a tease," he said, sounding not at all unhappy about it.

"Mmhmm," Thorne agreed, quite content. "Took me seven years to kiss you, after all. Imagine how long I can draw this out..."

Kaven hissed again, then lifted his eyebrow and bucked up sharply.

Thorne grinned, shifting himself until his tail was draped over Kaven's, and pressed him back down, still stroking slowly. "You're bigger than I am here, too...But I bet you'd still fit."

Kaven paused in his movements, a small furrow appearing over his brow. "Thorne..." he hesitated. "You don't have to do anything you're not ready for. This alone will do just fine."

Thorne blushed. "Am I that obviously nervous?" he asked, ducking his head a little. "I...I want to, but..."

"But nothing," Kaven said, reaching up and cupping Thorne's cheek, forcing him to look up again. "Hey. No embarrassment. All right? None. We'll have..." he hesitated, face clouding briefly before clearing again. "We'll have other opportunities," he finished. "And this is more than enough." He smiled, then lowered his hand, reaching down to join Thorne's, squeezing himself through Thorne's fingers.

All the time in the world. Thorne was sure that was what Kaven had been about to say, but it wasn't true, not if he went through with this scheme. And even less time, if he left Thorne behind...Thorne struggled to keep his own expression steady, to keep from showing his worry and fear. They'd have this night, at least, even if they had little else... "Yeah, all right..."

Kaven sighed, eyes drifting closed again as Thorne's movements grew more steady, more sure. The prince's head tilted back, exposing the pale line of his throat, and his hair lay spread around him, making him seem like he was lying on a silky cloud. As his thrusts up against Thorne's hand grew more insistent, he began emitting soft whimpers that quickly became groans of pleasure, and after a while, his body arched strongly and he stiffened, cock jerking in Thorne's hand as he spilled across his belly in long, slow spurts.

Then he collapsed, covered in a light sheen of sweat, breathing heavily. Thorne removed his hand, wiping it discretely on the grass, biting his lip nervously. Had he been any good? Kaven had certainly seemed to enjoy himself, of course, but what if he'd messed up, somehow?

But then Kaven's eyes opened, and he blinked up at Thorne, a very sated, very happy smile crossing his face. "Ah, Thorne...I love you," he whispered.

Thorne's face cleared and he pressed close against Kaven, kissing his lips, his face, everywhere he could reach in quick, happy pecks. "Mmmm, good."

Kaven laughed under the onslaught, wrapping his arms around Thorne and drawing him in to his chest, holding him close. His long tail he curled around the both of them, coiling it so they were contained in its circle like a nest.

Thorne ended with a final kiss to Kaven's mouth, drawing it out a bit. "I love you," he murmured, before snuggling in against him. "I never...I never really thought you'd feel the same about me. I told myself it wouldn't happen so many times..."

"Told you not to give up, didn't I?" Kaven murmured, reaching out and stroking Thorne's hair. "Told you anyone would be lucky to have you..."

Thorne giggled softly. "You did. But the prince and the farmboy only get together in songs and stories, not real life...or so I thought." He sighed, stroking Kaven's hair in turn, smiling at it. "You have so much hair...I've been itching to brush it since I first met you."

Kaven made a face. "Mark of royal status," he said. "I'm not allowed to cut it off. More like a royal pain, if you ask me, but you're welcome to do whatever you want with it. Why do you think I always pull it back?"

"Because you're the least fussy royal I've ever met," Thorne replied, still playing with Kaven's hair. "It'd look good short though, too...You'd always look good." He giggled, running his fingers over Kaven's shoulder, down his arm, tracing the lines of his tattoo with a gentle fingertip. "Can't believe I get to do this..."


Thorne paused, looking up. "Yeah?"

Kaven gazed at him, seeming about to say something, then sighed, and smiled. "Kiss me again?" he said, and his voice was a little wistful.

"You never have to ask," Thorne said, leaning in and pressing his lips against Kaven's, molding his body against the other naga's, fingers still tangled in his hair.

They stayed that way, under the willow, kissing and talking and teasing and laughing, until the sun began to set, the late afternoon light filtering in through the green leaves, turning Kaven's hair to gold and Thorne's to fire. Then, and only then, did they finally leave the comfort of one another's embrace, rising to return to the palace.

* * *

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I am so filled with love for this chapter. I love Kaven's plan to try and use diplomacy to stop a war. And it's so cute how thier stubborn need to protect each other led to them admitting their feelings. It's wonderful to see them so happy together so I'm going to cherish it while it lasts.
EEE boys. So cranky and blind about each other. <3 silly, silly boys
Nnnnnnnyeaaaaaaahmmmmm. X3 I am rolling in happy right now. It smells like new socks and leaf litter.

That was bloody sexy. <3
Both of those boys... *huffs* Seriously... they're as stubborn as mules. Kaven doesn't want Thorne to get hurt so he doesn't want him to go and Thorne doesn't want Kaven to go into dangerous territory where he can't watch him so he refuses to stay. Their heads are as hard as rocks. DX

I'm glad that, if anything, it forced their hands and basically made them confess. Which led to a really nice exploring/lovemaking/after-session scene. I'm so happy for them!! And I know that if anyone can make peace with Equestria, it's Kaven... he's special... he can do it.

Can't wait for 9!

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